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Workplace Health Promotion Grant : About WHP grant (Mental Health)

dollar-sign22Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Programmes are initiatives by organizations to continually improve and maintain the multifaceted aspects of its employees health, be it general health, emotional or psychological health. Organisations can take on various approaches which include education, training and sustaining a workplace environment that promotes well-being.

The Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Grant is a funding scheme offered by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). The Grant provides financial support to help organisations start and sustain these WHP in three components: General Health, Targeted Interventions and Mental Health.


PsycHealth Practice provides a comprehensive workplace mental health programme to target individual employees, work teams and the workplace environment.

Eligibility for the WHP Grant (Mental Health) requires submissions to include activities focused on both: Education and Empowerment and the development of Supportive Environment. To find out more about WHP, kindly visit HPB

WHP Grant Component

WHP Services/Activities

General Health

  • WHP consultancy services
  • Health risk assessment (Health Screening, Lifestyle & Health Practices Survey)
  • Health Education Activities
  • Physical Activities
  • Training
  • Purchase of health and fitness equipment

Targeted Interventions

Mental Health

  • Mental health educational activities (talks or workshops on mental wellbeing or mental illness)
  • Employee counselling
  • Workplace mental health promotion activities
  • Supervisor or manager training in mental health topics
  • Workplace mental health consultancy services